The Secret Animal Society

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When Edie Wight’s parents fail to collect her from boarding school for the summer holidays, Edie is packed off to live with her estranged eccentric uncle – a veterinarian who keeps a practice in a remote part of the New Forest. It doesn’t take long before Edie understands there is something altogether magical about the animals her uncle treats – for the Doctor is the last in a long line of veterinarians who treat mythical creatures, and among his patients are pegasi, unicorns, dragons and much more. 

At first the Doctor is wary of his new house guest, but when he receives a summons from the Himalayas – where one of a remote family of yetis is suffering from a mysterious illness – there is no other option, and Edie finds herself on the voyage of a lifetime. Along the way, she’ll learn about the secret talent passed down through the generations of her family, uncover the riddle of the Doctor’s past, and come face to face with the Doctor’s old enemies, the Syndicate: a troop of murderous hunters, intent upon hunting every last mythical animal on Earth.

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