The Tiger in the Well

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The Tiger in the Well by Philip Pullman

A terrifying thriller set in Victorian London. Sally Lockhart is content - her business is thriving, she has a comfortable house, and her adored baby daughter Harriet. But her life is about to change - or rather someone has already changed it. Sally's history has been altered, and her child is suddenly no longer hers. To save Harriet, Sally must abandon her comfortable existence and hide - until it's time to fight back.

The third book in Philip Pullman's classic SALLY LOCKHART quartet in a beautiful new edition. Sally Lockhart is 25, and somebody wants to destroy her. She receives divorce papers from a man she has never met, let alone married - yet this trap is so well laid that she is powerless to prove otherwise.

When custody of her precious daughter is awarded to this evil stranger, it is the beginning of a terrifying struggle in which Sally will have to fight, and kill if necessary, for the freedom of her family.


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