The Vikings in Islay by Alan McNiven

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The Vikings in Islay : The Place of Names in Hebridean Settlement History

An essential find for students of Viking Scotland, The Vikings in Islay by Alan McNiven examines the potential for Viking settlement on this well-known island. Renowned for its whisky, wildlife and links to Macdonald Lords of the Isles, this study provides a systematic review of the 240 farm and nature names found in Islay. Through these, Scottish lecturer Alan Macniven strives to unmask the harrowing tales of invasion, apartheid and ethnic cleansing that stand behind this romanticised area. This paperback book will be a handy support tool for researches, students and historians with an interest in Scottish Medieval History, Scottish Studies and Viking Studied. Find other explorative titles in our online Shop for Scottish books.

This book challenges traditional assumptions about the nature of Viking settlement in the Inner Hebrides and will be of interest to researchers, students and amateur historians of Place-Name Studies, Viking Studies, Scottish Medieval History, Scottish Studies and Scandinavian Cultural History.

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