They Lurk

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From the bestselling author of Come with Me, five collected novellas from the master of terror, featuring possession, parasites and something monstrous lurking outside... COME CLOSER... Five terrifying collected horror novellas newly reissued from the "modern-day Algernon Blackwood".

SkullbellyA private detective is hired after three teenagers disappear in a forest and uncovers a terrible local secret. The SeparationMarcus arrives in Germany to find his friend up-and-coming prizefighter Charlie in a deep depression. But soon Charlie's behavior grows increasingly bizarre.

Is he suffering from a nervous breakdown, or are otherworldly forces at work?The StrangerSet a rural Florida parking lot, David returns to his car to find a stranger sat behind the wheel. The doors are locked and there's a gun on the dashboard. And that was when then the insanity started...

After the FadeA girl walked into a small Annapolis tavern, collapsed and died. Something had latched itself to the base of her skull. And it didn't arrive alone.

Now, the patrons of The Fulcrum are trapped, held prisoner within the tavern's walls by monstrous things, trying to find their way in. And one more novella to be revealed!

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