Turning Points by Julia Ogilvy

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Turning Points: Stories to Change Your Life by Julia


A high-flying businesswoman and award-winning entrepreneur, Julia Ogilvy lived a superficially glamorous life. Ambitious and determined, her drive to succeed took its toll - when like some many women - she started to struggle to balance the demands of her job and young family. When tragedy touched her life, she chose to leave her successful business career behind to transform the lives of others by founding a charity. She found herself questioning her values and asking what really matters in life - it was a decisive turning point. In this book, she explores the turning points of ten people through original interviews. For some it's a lightning strike, for others a gradual process. For some it happens in the privileged echelons of society, for others in the depths of war or genocide. But each inspirational story reveals the resilience of the human spirit in the face of difficulty, and the power of hope to transform the world.

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