Vanishing Point by Val McDermid

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The Vanishing Point by Val McDermid follows the theme of her bestselling novels - full of intrigue, drama and heart-wrenching tragedies. Stephanie Harker witnesses the abduction of her five-year-old son by, what appeared to be a uniformed agent. It soon becomes aware that there is more to this event than initially thought as Stephanie approaches the FBI and realises that not is all as it seems. As her time runs out, this gripping psychological thriller takes you on her battle to get him back with all the passion of parental protection. Noted as being one of McDermid's most accomplished standalone novels to date, you'll find the best Scottish fiction books online here at Kingdom Books.

it's every parent's worst nightmare - your child abducted while you look on, helpless. But 5-year-old Jimmy's life is shrouded in secrets, and his mother will be forced to make the most difficult choice of her life. This breathtakingly rich and gripping psychological thriller is Val McDermid's most accomplished standalone novel to date and is an unmissable work of haunting brilliance.

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