Wheels Around Dunfermline and West Fife

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West Fife, home to one of the world's most famous transport landmarks, the Forth Rail Bridge, has a varied transport history that once included wooden wagon-ways, a tram network radiating from Dunfermline, and a stretch of the Great North Road. Industry played an important role in the development of transport and the coal mines of West Fife were served by an extensive railway network, several locos and rolling stock of which are captured here. Agriculture was important too, as illustrated by the impressive, if archaic, threshing mill shown on the front cover. In addition to Dunfermline, places illustrated include Inverkeithing, Burntisland, Charlestown, Cowdenbeath, Rosyth, Saline, Bowhill Colliery, Valleyfield Colliery, Blairhall Colliery, St David's, Limekilns, Glencraig and North Queensferry.

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