Women and the Gallows 1797 - 1837

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In the last four decades of the Georgian era 131 women went to the gallows. What were their crimes? And why, unlike most convicted felons, were they not reprieved? Women and the Gallows 1797 - 1837 brings new insights into their lives and the events that led them to their deaths, and includes chapters on baby murder among domestic servants, counterfeiting, husband poisoning, as well as the infamous Eliza Fenning case. Plus, for the first time, all the stories of the women have been compiled in a unique chronology. Praise for The Disappearance of Maria Glenn by Naomi Clifford Comparisons with the inestimable Kate Summerscale are inevitable. Naomi Clifford is her equal in terms of her riveting prose and her superior as a serious social historian.

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